Volunteers stuff for a cause

Day One: (left to right) Cindy Kofile, VVHFH Director of Donor Relations, Volunteers; Lynn Seaberg, Brighid McLoughlin, Bonnie Crow (Head shot), Becky Brakebill, Jim Stitley; Lisa DeLight, VVHFH Volunteer Coordinator


Day Two: (left to right) Homeowner, Yeni Caballero, Homeowner Applicant, Jessamine Aliit, Volunteers: Bonnie Crow, Brenda Florio, Garrett Bennett & Lynn Seaberg

It was a very busy morning in the Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity conference room as volunteers were stuffing envelopes for our annual appeal. It is truly humbling to staff, to see these dedicated individuals come together to do one of the most difficult… and sometimes monotonous volunteer jobs that is necessary to our mission.