Volunteer work provides an opportunity to grow, to bond and to experience good feelings that are carried back to life through your family and the workplace.

Our local affiliate, Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity, is in need of volunteers! Each person who works beside you is there for their own reasons; they just plain want to help! Whether you are new to the area, recently retired or you wish to involve your youth or business group in a worthwhile project, give us a call. It is amazing what we can accomplish with just one additional pair of hands.

Review our many volunteer opportunities outlined below. If you wish to volunteer, please complete the Online Volunteer Form or download the Volunteer Form and mail us the completed form. We will contact you!

If you have in your heart to help others improve the place they call home or build a new home for those who want a place to call home, then this is the Volunteer opportunity for you!

Habitat for Humanity is best known for its homeownership program building alongside qualified families. Homes are sold to the qualified home buyers with an affordable mortgage. Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity also does critical home repairs and builds wheelchair ramps for owner occupied homes to qualifying Veterans, Seniors and Low-income families. No previous construction experience is required!

The activities of the day can vary and may include painting, drywall, framing, carpentry, roofing, site clean-up, and landscaping. Instruction and tools are provided on site, no experience is necessary.

Age Requirement:  Minimum Age is 18.

If you are interested in the opportunity please complete our volunteer registration form. We will be in touch! You can also email our Volunteer Coordinator with any questions you may have.

The Site Host is an extremely important position on our build sites. You would greet and sign in all the volunteers participating in the build that day, collect waivers, issue name tags and answer questions about Habitat.

Time Commitment: Up to 15 Saturdays in a row working on a single house, or could be split up between two or more Site Hosts. Other one time opportunities are available for home repair projects. The Site Host can choose to stay on the site during the entire build day, or leave once all volunteers are successfully signed in.

Age Requirement: Minimum Age is 18 years old.

Are you interested in becoming a leader with Habitat? The Team Leaders are essential to our home building, repair programs and building wheelchair ramps. You would work closely with the House Leader to teach/guide small groups of volunteers on the construction site. Additionally, you would assist the House Leader with the overall safety and productivity of volunteers. Training classes are offered throughout the year with topics covering all aspects of home building, critical home repair projects and building wheelchair ramps.

Age Requirement: Minimum Age is 18 years old.
Hospitality is a great way for youth groups to help Habitat by providing breakfast or lunch to the volunteers on site. There can be up to about 35 people on site to feed.
The ReStore is a retail outlet where quality used building materials, furniture and appliances are sold to the public at discounted prices. Our ReStore helps to support our operations which is important because it allows us to focus on our mission of eliminating poverty housing in the Verde Valley. We are always looking for more volunteers to keep the ReStore running smoothly! ReStore volunteers greet customers, clean and test products, organize and load/unload donations.

Time Commitment: Flexible 4 hour shifts are available. One time opportunities and longer term commitments are available. The ReStore is open Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.
Our Office Angels are essential to the office operations at Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity. If being out on a construction site doesn’t appeal to you this may be a perfect opportunity for you to consider. This position includes data entry when needed, answering phones, filing and scanning. If you have any special skills, let us know. Help us make Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity a better operation with your help.
Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity must develop resources and raise money to continue toward our important mission of eliminating poverty housing in the Verde Valley. Volunteers in the Fund Development Department help with event support, event planning, developing and organizing Fund Development projects and Fund Development administrative support.
If you enjoy teaching small groups and empowering others, this is an ideal opportunity! Ambassadors run New Volunteer Orientations and occasionally serve as table-side volunteers at events across the Verde Valley.

Habitat is often invited to participate in volunteer fairs and community events. We need friendly folks who might be available to attend these events, speak about Habitat, and generally promote the message and mission of Habitat for Humanity.

Time Commitment: Orientations are approximately a total of two hours once a month. Volunteer fairs and community events vary during the year.

Age Requirement: Minimum age is 18

Committees and Board of Directors

Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity needs help with our Committees and Board of Directors. These are great opportunities to help shape Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity’s brilliant future. Our needs include:
Helping to identify, invite and strengthen relationships with local community churches for the purpose of supporting Affiliate’s work by gaining prayer, volunteers and financial resources. The committee works in partnership with these community churches by extending the opportunity for members to engage in the ministry and becoming involved with Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity.
The purpose of the Homeowner Selection Committee is to assist potential Partner Families through the application process and make recommendations of applicants for Habitat homes. The committee sets the tone for the relationship with Partner Families and also helps to educate the public, Habitat Board Members, and other committees on the Federal Fair Housing Act and Equality Credit Opportunity Act, as they affect the work of Habitat For Humanity.
The basic goal of the Family Support committee is to help homeowners break the poverty cycle and build strength, stability and self-reliance. The committee seeks to welcome new families into the Habitat homeowners and to provide them with a mutual support system, educational opportunities and a forum for discussions regarding homeownership and relevant Habitat policies and procedures. The committee is the primary liaison between the affiliate and the homeowner families and enables the affiliate to learn more from Habitat homeowners and thus constantly improve its program.
The Construction Committee works with the Site Selection Committee and partners with the Construction Manager to help with soliciting bids, create work list and schedules, present appropriate house plans, develop list of materials, help to write policies and procedures for the Constructions Department, monitoring of the sites to ensure quality, safety and stewardship, and work with the budget to help keep with in financial guidelines.
Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity’s Board of Directors are dedicated volunteers who work so hard to provide governance and oversight for our affiliate. Our Board of Directors determine the affiliate’s vision, mission and long range plans while monitoring our successes. Board Members attend board meetings monthly as well as participate on select committees. We rely on our Board Members to help write policies and procedures, advocate for Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity with their spheres of influence and help to connect our community to this important mission. If you have it in your heart to help us build brighter futures for Verde Valley Families in need, please contact us today.
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