Your Gift Can Make a Family Dream Come True and is eligible for Arizona’s Tax Credit

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You have the opportunity to fulfill a dream with your Arizona tax credit.

When you join with Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity, your gifts provide new homes and home repairs to those most in need in our community; like young families, veterans, and seniors.

Your tax credit help construction on Nikki's home.

Nikki – Future Rimrock Homeowner

Nikki’s and her children’s story is so similar to all those we serve.

In 2013, Nikki, a single-mom, moved into a two bedroom apartment with her three young children ages 6, 7, and 9.

 It was a temporary move – a 6 month solution. Her 6 year old son, Nicolas, took the couch in the living room and the girls KeLee Mae and KeLauna shared a bedroom. Her children went to school in a town different than the one they lived in. Therefore making for long days of shuttling kids before and after Nikki went to work. Nikki was tough though, and confident she could do it.

Being a single mom, with a full time job, is hard. She counted her blessings: a professional job, healthy kids, and an apartment she could afford, and a schedule that was long but she could manage it temporarily. Besides “Anyone can do 6 months right? We make sacrifices for our kids…” Nikki believed that it was a temporary solution.

Your tax credit helps build a home for Nikki's kids

Nikki’s kids are so excited to move into new home.


The affordable housing crisis has Nikki and her children trapped in an over-crowded apartment where they feel like they are splitting at the seams. They have outgrown “the temporary solution”. Nicolas is now a 6th grade boy living on the couch with no space of his own. The girls are teenagers; 13 and 15 with after school activities.  KeLee Mae attends high school in Cottonwood,  KeLauna and Nicolas attend school in Rimrock, and  Nikki works in Camp Verde, therefore days are 12 hours of commuting, attending school, and working.


Nikki longs for her home. She dreams of the day all of her children have their own bed and space for their belongings. She dreams of the days where Nicolas can walk the short distance home; where the girls walk to the bus stop at the end of the block; the days where the family is home by 4:30pm and family time isn’t spent in the car commuting.

Above all Nikki and her children have suffered long enough in their temporary life. She is ready for a permanent home of her own. What was once a mother making sacrifices for her children is now children making sacrifices. You can change the future of these children’s lives.

Your gift will allow Nikki to partner with Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity to build their FOREVER HOME in
Rimrock, a home with enough space for four beds.

 Your gift will turn a temporary solution into a permanent, safe, affordable home with room to grow and flourish. You can make a difference in the lives of these children and other families like them in the Verde Valley. We invite you to join with us in making a lasting impact.

This year your generous support will make an even greater impact. Most importantly

A donor will match your gift dollar for dollar.

In the words of Gordon, the donor who has committed to matching your gift:  “I believe that a home is the basic right of all children. Their success is absolutely dependent on a safe place to live. If I can give them a head start to a good life by helping them get into a home I absolutely must do it. It is imperative!”

 Please take advantage of this great opportunity to double your gift. Your gift of a $1,000 becomes $2,000 and your gift of $10 becomes $20. In addition, don’t forget that you can take advantage of the Arizona Tax Credit. This is a win-win for everyone.

We have an ambitious goal this year, to build four new homes and repair homes for 34 low income neighbors. In conclusion the need continues to grow and with your generous support of our community members most in need, we are changing lives one person at a time.

Remember that your gifts of $400, single person, or $800, per couple, are eligible for the Arizona Tax Credit.

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