Huge smiles and many thanks, to our community, for the new tools

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From left to right: All smiles today with new tools are Paul Murphy, VVHFH Construction Manager, Michael Mathews and Cullen Hollister volunteers of our Critical Home Repair Program.

Although September 14th (the day our tools were stolen) is a day we won’t soon forget, our spirits were soon lifted from the numerous well wishes, prayers, in-kind and cash donations that came flowing in from our community. Today we are all smiles.

The Board, Staff and Volunteers of Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity would like to thank everyone, who helped us in so many ways, to get our programs back up and working for the elderly, disabled and veterans in our community.

To date, we have received over $2000 value of  in-kind tool donations plus cash donations equaling $10,588 for the replacement of our tools. These guys are smiling, because they will even get some tools on their “wish list”, tools they have been hoping for a long time, to make their work easier.

This morning we cut the ribbon of our new tool vault. This provides our Construction and Critical Home Repair crews, a secure and organized area to hold these highly prized tools. We are back in business. TAKE A BOW VERDE VALLEY – you made this happen, and we are forever grateful.

From left to right: Lisa DeLight, VVHFH Volunteer Coordinator; Tresa Rose Stitley, VVHFH Volunteer Coordinator; Jim Stitley, Volunteer and Katherine Sesow, Volunteer

From left to right: Paul Murphy, Lynn Seaberg, Cullen Hollister, Michael Mathews, Tania Simms

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