Homeowner Application Criteria

Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity looks for qualified homebuyers for Habitat homes during open enrollment periods. Interested applicants are asked to submit our online form below so that we can contact you to discuss qualifications and reserve your spot in an upcoming Homeowner Application Workshop, which are a requirement for your application to be considered.

Families are selected based on the following three criteria:

1) Need

The applicant’s current living situation and whether they have the means to qualify for a home with a traditional mortgage lender will be considered. Does a majority of the applicant’s income go toward housing? Is the applicant’s housing substandard or temporary? Applicants who qualify based on their ability to pay will also receive a home-visit to further evaluate their living conditions.

2) Ability To Pay

During the application and selection process each applicant’s income will be considered. The applicants need to have a steady source of verifiable income and be able to pay a monthly mortgage payment which consists of mortgage amount, taxes and insurance. The applicant family must have and maintain good credit with no bankruptcy pending or discharged within the last 24 months.

3) Willingness to Partner

Each applicant is required to complete between 300 and 450 ‘sweat equity’ hours. The hours can be completed by volunteering at the construction site of their future home or one of their neighbors’ homes, by working at the Restore, by working in the Habitat office or by serving at another community endeavor. Homeowner education classes and workshops are a mandatory part of the sweat equity requirement. The classes are designed to help families prepare for home ownership and manage their finances. Prospective homeowners must meet the following requirements:
  • Be citizens or permanent legal residents
  • Prove steady verifiable income
  • Have good credit
In addition, each partner family will be required to:
  • Invest sweat-equity hours in building his/her home and Habitat homes of others
  • Make an affordable down payment
  • Make timely mortgage payments
  • Attend homeowner education classes

Homeowner Interest Form

Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity works with all applicants on an individual basis.

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