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Home Sweet Home Build.

The Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity (VVHFH) family embarked on an inspiring journey of hope and resilience as they broke ground on a new home project on Maya Way in Rimrock on Thursday, September 7th, 2023. The groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of a life-changing chapter for Mercedes and her children.

Mercedes’ path to homeownership with Verde Valley Habitat began with the application process, a rigorous journey that demonstrates the organization’s commitment to qualifying prospective homeowners. To qualify, applicants must be residents of the Verde Valley for at least 12 months; face challenges in purchasing a home through traditional means, and live in substandard or overcrowded conditions; or lack adequate housing altogether.

The Application Process

Lisa DeLight, VVHFH’s interim executive director, was there to conduct the ceremony and explain the challenging nature of the selection process. The application process includes a thorough review by the homeowner selection committee, background checks, credit checks, and home visits. Prospective homeowners are also required to contribute 300 to 450 hours of volunteer work; actively participating in the construction of their own homes; and supporting Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity events.

Planting the Seed of Home Ownership

Ms. DeLight also mentioned that Verde Valley Habitat has witnessed four homeowners fully pay off their mortgages in the past 27 years and what a remarkable impact it’s had within the community. Verde Valley Habitat remains committed to its homeowners, tracking their progress and providing support for the length of their mortgage.

“The Force is Strong with this Family”

Mercedes’ passion for children and her commitment to her education have paved the way for a brighter tomorrow. As she works diligently to fulfill her sweat equity hours, she is building not only a home but also a future filled with opportunities for her children. The celebration of this momentous occasion took on a Star Wars theme complete with tablecloths, banners, and the burying of a Star Wars time capsule, filled with congratulations and well wishes from participants, symbolized the beginning of a new chapter for the family. Sweet breads and coffee were also available, and the weather was perfect.

For Mercedes and children, their dream of homeownership is now firmly rooted in the ground, waiting to blossom in the years to come. As the family embarks on this incredible journey, we are reminded of the transformative power of community, dedication, and the belief that every family deserves a safe and stable place to call home and a decent place to live.

Donate Today

If you wish to assist Mercedes in her quest for a better life for her family, please donate today. Your support will help build not only a home but also a brighter future for qualified families like Mercedes’. Together, we can make a difference, one room at a time.

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