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Nestled in the picturesque town of Cottonwood, Arizona, Cindy R’s humble one-story ranch house had been her sanctuary for over three decades.

Living alone, she cherished the visits from her beloved daughter, finding solace and comfort in their time together. However, as the years passed, Cindy’s home began to show signs of wear, and she faced the arduous task of dealing with ongoing medical challenges while living on a limited fixed income. Cindy made a courageous decision to seek assistance from Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity (VVHFH) . She realized that her aging roof, plagued by persistent leaks, was causing damage to the internal ceilings in three critical areas. Moreover, the once majestic pine trees in her backyard had become hazardous, with dangerously hanging limbs threatening the safety of her cherished abode. Recognizing the urgency of her situation, Cindy turned to VVHFH in the hopes of finding a lifeline amidst the storms of life.

Verde Valley Habitat’s response to Cindy’s plea was nothing short of remarkable. With compassion and unwavering commitment, VVHFH swiftly embarked on a journey to repair Cindy’s critically disrepaired roof. The worn-out roof, battered by 35 years of Arizona’s scorching sun, required immediate attention. Cindy had valiantly replaced the front half of her roof, investing her limited resources to protect her sanctuary. However, the rear portion remained beyond her financial means. Recognizing her plight, VVHFH stepped up as a beacon of hope, resolving to repair the roof that safeguarded Cindy’s dreams, through their Critical Home Repair Program (CHRP)
Over the course of three extraordinary days, a team of three dedicated volunteers and a full-time employee, (Dulcy Perkins, Mike Loomey and Wayne Dahler), poured their hearts into the repair project. They removed the old roof, skillfully patching areas where the plywood sheathing had succumbed to time’s relentless march, and laid down a brand-new waterproof underlayment. With every nail, every shingle, and every act of love, Cindy’s home was transformed. The volunteers meticulously placed matching new shingles upon the newly fortified structure, ensuring a seamless blend with the existing roof. Fresh vent and pipe seals were installed, guaranteeing not only protection but also peace of mind. In their commitment to excellence, the team hauled away all the old shingles and damaged plywood, leaving behind a clean canvas upon which Cindy’s renewed life could unfold.

The impact of VVHFH’s intervention extends far beyond the physical repairs. With the use of their tools, they conveyed a message of hope, compassion, and unwavering support. The weight of worry that burdened Cindy’s heart began to dissipate, replaced by a renewed sense of security and an uplifted spirit.

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