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Arizona’s Affordable Homeownership Specialty Plate

We are continuing to CELEBRATE 28 YEARS of building affordable workforce housing in the Verde Valley. As part of our 28th Anniversary CELEBRATION;  this year would you consider showing support by purchasing the all-new Habitat for Humanity license plate? The new plate is known as the Affordable Homeownership Specialty Plate and is NOW AVAILABLE for $25. To help Verde Valley and Arizona with their mission to build homes, communities and hope $17 from each purchase will benefit Arizona families.

 Show your support. Order today at azmvdnow.gov/home
Frequently Asked Questions

When can I purchase my new Habitat for Humanity license plate?

  • You can order your new plate online at azmvdnow/home starting August 10, 2020

How much does the new Habitat for Humanity license plate cost?

  • If you are buying a Habitat for Humanity license plate for the first time the cost is $25 for a non-personalized Habitat for Humanity plate and $50 for a personalized Habitat for Humanity plate (6 character limit). A disability Habitat for Humanity license plate is available with a 5 character limit.

What if my current license plate is personalized and I want to change to the Habitat for Humanity plate style?

  • Those with a personalized plate with six characters or less may keep their current personalization. This requires a new application and a $50 annual personalized/specialty plate fee. This can be done by visiting an MVD or Authorized Third Party office

Who do the proceeds of the plate benefit?

  • A portion of the proceeds support Habitat’s ongoing mission of building homes, communities, and hope across the great state of Arizona
Order yours today at azmvdnow.gov/home

Account activation required. Instructions on how to activate your account available at azmvdnow.gov/home 

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