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Welcoming new members to the Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity Family of supporters.

Tania Simms, Executive Director VVHFH, Eric Young, and Michelle Young

Eric and Michelle Young, long time Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity Champions, believe in lifting up families through home ownership, so much that they allowed us to share our message of hope with their friends at a special gathering in their home.

These gatherings allow us to come together with stakeholders, volunteers and even the family dog, to have a conversation, answer questions, and show the impact that home ownership has on a family, like Iris’s.

Iris is one of our future homeowners that began thinking of home ownership to provide stability and self-reliance for herself and her four children. She was first exposed to Habitat for Humanity when she met Michael, one of our homeowner selection committee members, and Michael began to describe the homeowner process. Iris became excited, inspired, and determined to do whatever she needed to do to become a Habitat Homeowner. While taking care of her four children, Iris dug in and delivered on the paperwork requirements for the program. She complied with every request, never letting go of her dream.

Iris, future Sedona homeowner

Iris’s dream is taking shape and becoming a new reality for her family. As a newly named future homeowner, she has broken ground on her home site; is making friendships with her soon to be neighbors, and has personally experienced the enduring gift that our family of champions, like yourself, have done to help build her future.

Two of Iris’s boys

A quality home is more than just a roof and walls, it provides homeowners with feelings of stability and pride. Together, our supporters help change the futures of our homeowners.

You can help build a legacy of love and opportunity to a family that is waiting to find a secure and stable home here in the Verde Valley. Won’t you join us on this journey? We would love to get together to answer your questions, and listen to your thoughts and idea about how we can impact more families through home ownership or critical home repairs. Please feel free to reach out to Tania Simms at (928) 649-6788.

Helen Jarnes, chef extraordinaire

We would like to thank our volunteers that helped make this event so special:
Chef, Helen Jarnes, who donated all the food and it’s preparation. She has long been a supporter of Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity, and we thank her for her contributions.

Photographer, Kristi Reay who took all the photos shown here. Thank you.

Also a big thank you to Kaylee Felio and Brenda Schriver, Terri Siders Fortier, and Lynn Seaberg who served our guests.


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