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Celebrating with our friends

~ Lisa DeLight, Volunteer Coordinator

What an honor to be invited to present on behalf of Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity, at the Solid Rock Church in Sedona. Pastors Patricia and Carl Garitson have been pastors at  their church for over 20 years. Their church space is quaint and cozy, and the people were so full of heart and enthusiasm. They were very excited to hear more about the new Sedona Triplex being built on Peach Lane. They were glad to be included, in coming alongside our future homeowners as they get settled in the area.

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Patricia Garitson, Teaching Pastor
Solid Rock Church in Sedona
and Lisa DeLight Volunteer Coordinator
Pastor Carl Garitson Worship leader Solid Rock Chruch in Sedona

Pastor Carl is so funny! He is a favorite among the students at Beaver Creek Elementary school where he brightens so many hearts during the week.

Florence Johns  Worship Artist
Solid Rock Church of Sedona

A real treat during the service was Florence, who creates art out of re-purposed art projects that the children have created in the past. Truly stunning display.

Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity is looking to partner with churches throughout the valley as we continue to build. We are specifically looking for volunteers for our Homeowner Support Committee; Critical Home Repair Program; and the ReStore. 

If you are interested in volunteering with Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity call Lisa Delight at (928) 649-6788.

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