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Family Style

~ Lisa Delight, Volunteer Coordinator

What do you love to do so much, that you would do it “for free”
For Helen James, the answer to that question is cooking. Helen writes “Helen’s Kitchen” for Red Rocks News in Sedona. She also volunteers all over the Verde Valley cooking for different non-profits.  Her food is authentic, soulful, comforting, according to many who have been privileged to gather around the table.  Nothing brings people together as well as a beautifully prepared meal enjoyed around the table with a group of friends or family: laughter and joking combined with sighs of contentment. 

We improve quality of life for our homeowners, we build lasting relationships between volunteers, staff and homeowners. We gather around the table at holidays and celebrations, with 20 to 40 of our closest volunteers, family style. We gather around the board table, say a prayer, and dig into the problems and accomplishments of the day, family style.
Bonnie Crow the fiery, red-headed, resident humorist and master of the quick-witted comeback frequently can be heard saying “Habitat is my home away from home” she spends hours upon hours tirelessly serving as a volunteer at Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity.

At VVHFH our volunteers are our heartbeat. From the ReStore to the Board of Directors; from building handicap ramps with the Critical Home Repair Program (CHRP) to making Christmas Dinner; from answering phones to walking in a parade; our volunteers are making a difference both in the lives of the families we are building homes for and each other’s lives as we do life … Family Style.
What do you love doing so much that you would give your time away to do it? Answer in the comments below. Let us find a way to use your talents and passions to serve at Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity.

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