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The Wednesday Busy Bees

Volunteers from left to right: Alan Kropiewnicki, Janet Kropiewnicki, Joan Savage, Cassandra Weston, Paul Green, Jim Stitley, Brenda Schriver, Stephen Pike & Bill Smith.

Wednesdays are all “abuzz” here at the Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore!  Our enthusiastic group of 9 volunteers that we have dubbed, “The Busy Bees” are such an amazing group to watch in action.  It’s like watching a hive of bees working together for one common purpose.  They show up and just get right down to their business, grabbing a shopping cart full of items, then processing, pricing, and getting them on the shelves in the ReStore. 

This group always has a story to share, as well as smiles galore, as they assist customers with their questions and/or purchases.  It is not only fun, but educational to watch and listen to this group of volunteers.  They are always eager to share stories of cooking, woodworking, and gardening, as well as all of the DIY projects they have been able to do with the items they purchased here at the ReStore. 

With over 6500 square feet of interior retail space, we couldn’t do Wednesdays without them and we are so blessed to have them come offer their time and expertise to our ReStore!

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