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Homeowner thanks Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity

Tim Whitten shown in the doorway where his new wheelchair ramp is to be build.

As a non-profit 501c3, a part of our mission funding is gained through Corporate, Foundation or Government grants. When Verde Valley Habitat receives these grants, we become stewards of these funds, and are required to provide evaluations from homeowners, volunteers and staff on each project we complete.

Taking a break (left to right): Gary San Giovanni, Glen Barber, Ernest Dimillo, and Michael Mathews.

Carmen Whittman and Tim Palmer, a double amputee who uses a wheel chair and has a prosthetic, came to Verde Valley Habitat for help, because Tim could not navigate in and out of the house with his prosthetic and wheelchair. A ramp was constructed by our “all volunteer team” to provide Tim with good access to their home.

All smiles from Tim and Carmen as they pose with our volunteers, Ernest Dimillo, Glen Barber, Gary San Giovanni and Michael Mathews.

When Carmen submitted her homeowner evaluation, she also included a personal note to our team:

“Thank you so much!  The ramp is great and makes it so much easier for Tim and also for a visit from my cousin who is 103 years old in March.  Thanks, Carmen”

Carmen & Tim, it was our pleasure, and we are so happy to bring safety and security back to you and your home.

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