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Tony and his wife’s home gets a new coat of paint!

Bottom to top, left to right: Lisa DeLight (VVHFH Volunteer Coordinator), Nichelle Leitner (VVHVH newest homeowner), Reyna Marin, Wells Fargo, Paul Murphy (VVHVH Construction Manager), Cindy Farmer, Joseph Farmer, Martin Felix, Gene Caligari (VVHVH Board Member)

It was a warm day indeed, but to no avail, our volunteers got up extra early to help out Tony & his wife who received a notice from their landlord to paint their home… or else they may be asked to move out of the trailer court. Tony had begun painting the home but was simply not able to complete the job. Our volunteers are more than ready for a challenge like this. It was one of the first projects our new Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa DeLight had coordinated, and what a crazy bunch she gathered together. Good times were had by all, and they finished the project in record time!

You can be a part of all the fun… just call Lisa at (928) 649-6788 and make a positive change in someones life!

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