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Volunteers are making miracles happen, again!

Since August, we have had an on-going goal to help create a better customer shopping experience at our ReStore. Our Construction Manager Paul Murphy helped new volunteer, Alissa Tyler with the painting equipment to stripe the parking lot and set her loose! She did an excellent job and now we an organized and brightly marked parking lot makeover with new white lines and yellow caution loading & unloading zones. The program is simple. Alissa signed up online for one of our weekly Affiliate work days where anyone interested in helping with our laundry list of building repairs and projects can offer their time to help out Habitat. These projects range from painting, carpentry, cleaning, clerical support and many more necessary jobs that help us keep our costs down. She enjoyed her time at Habitat so much she has decided to make it a regular thing… how blessed are we? We welcome everyone to take a moment and look at the different projects and volunteer opportunities available through our website at www.dawnc20.sg-host.com.

Verde Valley Habitat…. Building Strength, Stability and Self-Reliance through shelter.

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