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Did you know…

Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity is a qualifying Non-profit, you can make a gift to (up to $400 if filing single or up to $800 if married filing jointly) and receive a direct credit, not a deduction, to your Arizona State Taxes.

If you have already given to the school of your choice that is ok, this is a separate credit that you can take, so you can give to Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity as well. This allows you to keep more of your money local.  And there is no need to itemize so it is easy.

Make a gift to Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity and receive a receipt that you turn in with your taxes showing that you used your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit with Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity and it automatically reduces the amount you owe the State of Arizona.

The Reason it’s important to keep your money local….

  • 1/3 of our population has a combined household annual income of less than $25,000 before taxes
  • Average cost of rent in the Verde Valley = $1,270
  • Average cost to purchase a home in the Verde Valley = $245,506
  • Can you imagine paying $1,270 a month for rent (which is more than 60% of monthly income before taxes)? That leaves very little for basic expenses like food, medical expenses and utilities.

Your Charitable Tax Credit Donation makes a difference in these families lives when you give to Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity who gives a hand up NOT a hand out by providing an affordable mortgage.

Who we serve…

Carie’s Journey to Homeownership….

Carie grew up in California and moved to the Verde Valley, where she met Mike and they got married. They lived with Mike’s parents for some time and then got a small house to rent, but the cost of rent in the Verde Valley is very expensive so they were looking for a way that they could buy a home to raise their children. Doubt completely overtook their attitude for housing: they felt home ownership was no longer an option. At their lowest feeling, they found Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Carie and Mike went through the qualifying process with Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity and were approved. As part of Verde Valley Habitat’s homeownership program, Carie and Mike were required to complete 800 hours of sweat equity – put another way, they worked the equivalent of five months on their home.

By the time Carie and Mike moved into their new Habitat home, they had three small children and finally felt that they had hope for a brighter future for their children. Carie said the day they moved in she just felt like “We are Home! And we were able to start building better relationships in the community and with my neighbors. We are so grateful to have a safe roof over our kids’ heads! I have pride in owning a home, especially a Habitat Home!”

Carie told me that she has watched her kids lose friends at school because their families can no longer afford to live in the Verde Valley and are having to move away. Carie is grateful that this is not something that she has to face since she has a Habitat Home, this allows her to offer her kids stability.  “It’s an incredible feeling to be home!” says Carie.

This past October Mike passed away, leaving Carie and the kids to find their way. Carie admitted this has been the hardest time of her life, but stays strong for the kids. Their Habitat Home will always be a place of love for her family with many happy memories, in spite of the loss of Mike. After Mike’s passing, with a traditional mortgage Carie would have had to sell her home and displace her children, though with the affordable mortgage that Habitat offers, Carie and her children are able to stay in their home that has so many happy memories.


AJ’s Wheelchair Ramp Need…

At age 75, AJ has lived in the Verde Valley for more than 30 years and is a veteran who is now legally blind and in a wheelchair. AJ lives on an extremely low income and has continued medical challenges. AJ had a wheelchair ramp that was too steep and narrow and would cause AJ to slide down the ramp and she was not able to get back up. Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity built AJ a new ramp that is safer and allows AJ more freedom when coming and going from her home. AJ shared that she “feels safer even just going to the mailbox” and describes Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity as “Life savers and stress relievers!”


What would you do….

We all know someone or have heard the stories of people that have had to sell their homes because their spouse passed and didn’t even get the chance to morn….


We have all know of or heard of Veteran’s and Senior’s that need wheelchair ramps or repairs made in their homes but cannot afford too.  Keeping in mind the average annual income for Veteran’s and Senior’s is $16,320…

What would you do if you were in their position?!?


For more information or to Donate please visit dawnc20.sg-host.com or call (928) 649-6788

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