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Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity is so proud to have been able to help Jonnie Allert of Camp Verde. Jonnie had not left her home for 3 months since her wheel chair ramp was not installed correctly and was to steep and narrow. Jonnie had fallen off the ramp previously and been injured. This made Jonnie afraid to attempt leaving her home out of fear that she may fall again.  Jonnie heard about our Critical Home Repair Program that also builds wheel chair ramps for those in need and called Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity.  






On the weekend of June 2nd, 2017, Verde Valley Habitat For Humanity along with groups of amazing Volunteers, went out to Jonnie’s home and build an ADA compliant wheel chair ramps that makes Jonnie feel safe and allows her to leave her home without fear of falling.  









We are so excited that we were able to help Jonnie Allert with this project!  We want to thank all of the volunteers that helped us pre-build the wheel chair ramp and then install it at Jonnie’s home.  With out you amazing volunteers we would not be able to help Veterans, Seniors and Low-income families with needs like Jonnie’s!








A Massive THANK YOU to:

Cullen Hollister, Lynn Seaberg, Tania Simms, Jason Fornara, Misty Cox, Eric young, Jeff Teele, Glenn Barber and Steve Lombardo.




We would also like to thank Jonnie for allowing us to help her with this project. We are so glad that you are now feeling more safe in your own home!







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